Make your office more sustainable

The Zereau Drinks waterdispensers. High-quality, cost-effective and environmentally conscious

With our sustainable design watercoolers (A+++) you can tap unlimited filtered, cooled and sparkling water in the office. And all without the aftertaste of unnecessary waste and transport. That is sustainable and deliciously healthy.
With a Zereau Drinks waterdispenser, your company also saves (plastic) waste, CO2 and money..


Make your office greener!

Corporate Social Responsibility is becoming increasingly important. Set a good example yourself by choosing the most sustainable solution in drinking water at the office. Zereau Drinks tap water coolers contribute to a greener and more circular economy (less waste and transport).


Affordable and Easy

Zereau Drinks tap water coolers save on purchasing and storing bottles and cans of water. This way you can save a lot of money every year on the purchase of bottled water. The high-quality tap water coolers from Zereau Drinks make it easy for you to drink cold and sparkling water in the office. 


Delicious water at your workplace

The Zereau Drinks water taps can be placed anywhere in your office environment and additionally filter the water, making it even tastier. This increases the availability of purified, cooled and sparkling drinking water, and motivates your colleagues to drink more water. Tasty and healthy.

R. van Es, CFO, Macaw

We get positive reactions about the KRNWTR water cooler in the office. Visitors and colleagues have nice conversations about Dutch tap water and sustainability. And the water cooler also fits in with our vitality policy to enable employees to make a healthier choice.

About our sustainable mission


‘Green’ water cooler at your office?

With a Zereau Drinks watercooler at the office you can tap locally and wonderfully pure water. The water is extra filtered and cooled, and for those who want it, with bubbles. Tap your water locally, so together we can combat the unnecessary use of (plastic) water bottles in the workplace.

But we don’t just get the water from Dutch soil. Our Dutch Design water coolers are made with love and attention in the Netherlands. They consist of sustainable materials such as stainless steel, CO2 neutral bamboo and/or recycled plastic and are energy efficient (A+++).

In addition, 5% of our profit goes to initiatives that reduce the plastic soup.

Our waterdispensers


Zereau Drinks Tower Tap


Zereau Drinks Table Top


Zereau Drinks Syrup Bar


Drinking water is very healthy. We all agree on that. But did you know that employees drink more water in the office when they have access to a water tap?

This not only benefits health, but also results. A dehydration of only 2% already reduces the concentration. So keep your team fresh and fruity with a nice freshly tapped glass of water!

Marielle Pluymen, Head Of Hospitality, Dept Amsterdam

Everyone is enthusiastic and taps water all day long. In this way we also encourage that less soft drinks are consumed in the office. With KRNWTR+ we save work on refilling and it looks great. I would definitely recommend it.

Deliciously fresh water at the office

With Zereau Drinks you encourage drinking locally tapped water, with or without bubbles. You can even give the water that little bit extra with our 100% natural syrups. This way your team can tap a sustainable, tasty and local alternative to soft drinks in no time.

That can save a lot of bottles, cans and sugar in the office…

Save costs on purchasing bottled water

Okay. A water cooler in the office saves a lot of (plastic) waste and a lot of unnecessary transport kilometers. But we haven’t talked about the financial benefits yet. Compared to bottled water, a water cooler is a lot cheaper. This way you not only save waste and CO2, but also money. This amount can quickly add up on an annual basis. The more colleagues, the more you save. With > 10 employees you will already save money. Companies with > 25 employees, often more than €500 per month.

Curious about what your company can save? Mail us!


Waterbottles and carafes

Our beautiful design water bottles (glass or stainless steel) are available in 350 and 750 ml, 100% reusable and dishwasher safe.


Natural lemonade syrups

Reduce packaging, waste and transportation. Make your own lemonade with the artisanal lemonade syrups from KRNWTR+. Much tastier than the standard brands.

Puck de Jong, Office Manager, Makerstreet

The employees are very happy with it. Collaborated to prevent waste, a huge amount of cans went through. Good cooperation in which action is taken quickly. I would recommend it to anyone.

Water tap info?

In addition to contributing to a better world and good health with a Zereau Drinks tap, it also saves you money. Would you like to know more or would you like to rent a water tap? Fill in the form below and receive a brochure without any obligation. Including all information about our Zereau Drinks taps and other products.

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