Zereau Drinks in the hospitality service

Unique water dispensers, stylish glassware and delicious syrups

Why serve mineral water that needs to be packed and transported in single-use plastics? With a sustainable Zereau Drinks dispenser you have limitless filtered, cooled and sparkling water. It saves you time on purchasing, storage and waste. It tastes great and it has a good, sustainable story.

We don't produce useless waste any more and we don't have to purchase and cool bottles of water. The water just runs from our own tap. How good is that! And our guests? They are excited as well!

Earn money with less waste!

With a Zereau Drinks dispenser you can tap unlimited delicious filtered, cooled and sparkling tap water. Tasty, local & sustainable

No purchase of bottled water
No storage of stock
No moving refrigerated crates
No packaging at the end of the evening

Zereau Drinks on your menu

You serve still and sparkling local water at a fair price in our stylish Zereau Drinks bottles. You are contributing to a solution, and it is important that your customers know why.

Water Cooler & Filter

We install the most reliable and energy-efficient coolers and a water filters. Through our filter your water will get the full flavour, a better bubble and any chemical contaminants and bacteria will be removed. Your filter will be replaced every year.

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Serve something else – your own homemade soft drinks

Zereau Drinks+ is made with fresh and natural products from our best suppliers. No artificial colorants, flavourings or preservatives.

Only what is real and natural will make it in to our syrups.

Serve a delicious, homemade and eco-friendly drink.

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