Zereau Drinks syrup bar | Bamboo & Stainless Steel | Filtered, chilled & sparkling

Filtered, chilled and sparkling water. Local, at a lower cost and better for the world!

With the Zereau Drinks syrup bar you can tap filtered, chilled and sparkling water, but you can also make your own homemade lemonade. The water cooler is connected to the water supply and, thanks to a CO2 cylinder, provides filtered and carbonated water. You determine the amount of syrup yourself.

  • Enjoy more and save on water transportation
  • Handmade from bamboo & steel
  • Chilled and/or sparkling & filtered tap water
  • Choice of 8 natural lemonade syrups
  • The best story about water, vitality & sustainability
  • Less costs, waste, handling and CO2 emissions

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