Drink local, act global and join the Zereau waste movement

Why drink water that needs to be packaged and transported? With a Zereau Drinks waterdispenser you can tap unlimited locally filtered, chilled and sparkling water. This saves a lot of plastic waste and unnecessary transport kilometres. We call this very sustainable! So let’s reduce the ecological footprint of your company!

Not just any water

Your own soft drink can also be tapped thanks to our 100% natural syrups. In addition, 5% of our profit goes to initiatives that reduce the plastic soup. So while you enjoy some nice water, you immediately help clean up. Water never tasted so good!

Replace your bottled water with a Zereau Drinks waterdispenser

Unique water taps, handmade in the Netherlands

What makes our taps unique? Our Dutch Design water coolers are made in the Netherlands by our furniture makers with love and attention.
They are made of sustainable materials such as stainless steel, CO2 neutral bamboo and/or recycled plastic and are energy efficient (AAA+).

tower tap

natural syrup bar

table top

Serve a delicious, homemade and eco-friendly lemonade!

Zereau Drinks syrups are made with fresh and natural products from our best suppliers.
No artificial colorants, flavourings or preservatives.
Only what is real and natural will make it in to our syrups.

Our carriers

Glassware and stainless steel bottles